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 Who are we?




    - We are not groups of mutual aid

     - We are not veterans

    - We are not nostalgic

    - We are not retired YCSers

    - We are not YCSers in activity

    - We are not YCSers in the professional life

    - We are neither donors nor organizers of "YCS Camps"

- We are grown-up, strong laymen with acquired experience in the YCS, and we aspire: to take an active part in dealing with the problems of our countries and of the continent.And in sharing experiences between the members of the AFYN. 

We want to work with all the men of goodwill (any religion). And we are ready to answer the requests of the YCS movements today

- We have the desire to be informed, trained and to pursue our commitment as Christians. We want to live the Christian ideals and social principles of Christianity.

- We want to become fully-fledged members of the Church and to take adequate responsibilities there

- We want to participate in the proclamation of the Gospel. We want to testify Christ in our areas of life

We want to create and to manage concrete projects of development.

- We want to work in a Network to enrich each other with our reciprocal experiences.

- We want a functional, dynamic AFYN, clear of any formalism,


Yesterday, students, YCSers,...

... Today, in the active life,

We get in touch, in the network, to continue to build a world where every man can live standing...




To learn more about it, visit: http://reseau-raja.over-blog.com 



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